We're a family owned farm

American Flock Farms started out in Greenwood Indiana in 2019. Byron bought two beautiful baby lambs named Daisey and Tulip and started his journey learning all about sheep. He taught both lambs to walk on a lead and would walk them around his neighborhood. As he would walk he would let people engage with the lambs this started getting the community involved in the growth and progress of Daisey and Tulip.

In 2020 Amber got her first mushroom grow kit and started expanding from there. She learned how to produce her own grain spawn and grow bags causing her production of mushrooms to expand quickly. Knowing she would need a larger space to catch up with her production she built a mushroom fruiting chamber inside her house to expand.

After several years of being friends and dating Byron and Amber got married in 2021 buying a farm shortly after and combining their passions. Both are passionate about the health of their animals along with provide Americans with healthy and cost efficient food alternatives.

As they build their farm they are wanting to get the community especially kids involved. To do this they are looking to incorporate 4H, boy/girl scout camping,  and community farm events.


American Flock Farms

Meet The Farmers

American Flock Farms

Bryon Chambers

Byron is an Army veteran that fell in love with sheep when he visited a local farm that had lambs. Once he picked up one of the babies he knew that he wanted to make sheep apart of his life forever. Byron’s goal is to provide America with lamb meat that has only been pasture raised. Pasture raised animals not only have a better quality of life but a healthier one as well. He is a strong believer in the better quality of life an animal has the better the meat will be.
Amber Chambers - American Flock Farms

Amber Chambers

Amber has always been a mushroom lover. It started out with researching mushrooms she found on hikes and then slowly evolved into producing her own mushrooms and mushroom products. As time went on she learned that not only were mushrooms tasty but they provided a lot of health benefits.